Dawn of the Dragonborn

Save Val's Tower
The meeting of Nivara Valenae

Sini 16, 487

Mid-day of Sini 16

  • The group had to convince the barons not to capture Prince Estel and turn him over to the soldiers or hang him on the spot. Baron Balian swayed the opposing barons, Baron Thoian Arroway and Baron Grageon Fletcher, to give Estel the chance to prove his loyalty to the kingdom and worth in reclaiming the throne.
  • A messenger alerts Balian that a small group of soldiers and orcs is headed to Val’s Tower, an ancient tower located in the far southern forests of Balian’s barony that is rumored to be the home of an old wizard. The group volunteers to go protect the tower and stop the imperial forces.
  • They are provided horses and a young boy, Balian’s nephew, to guide them. They make their way west along a road and then cut off south through the forest. As they approach the site of the ancient tower, they hear a low, repetitive thumping.
  • The party dismounts at the treeline. In the clearing, they see an ancient stone tower with no apparent door or windows. They also see 2 human guards, 2 orc bombardiers, and 4 human villagers. The villagers are being forced to use a large tree truck as a battering ram, attempting to smash down the tower.
  • Marcolo notices a window, seeing past the illusion, and spies the silhouette of a person in the window. He points this out to Raulwicke.
  • While the guards and orcs are preoccupied with the work on the tower, Marcolo and Raulwick sneak across the clearing to the ruined garden walls in front. Raulwicke cleverly uses ghost sound to send a message to the person in the tower; saying they are here to help.
  • About then, the battering ram breaks though the tower wall. Estel races across the field but is spotted by a guard. The guard rounds the wall to engage him and take a foot to the face from Marcolo. Nivara fey steps from her tower down to the fight. She drops a scorching burst on the two guards.
  • An orc bombardier tosses a cinder bomb over the wall at Estel and Raulwicke.
  • Raulwicke jumps around the corner and uses his prestidigitation to light the next bomb the orc is pulling out of his bag. The orc panics and tosses the bomb behind him as he runs away. The bomb lands right behind the 4 villagers. The blast kills 3 villages and blows the tree truck right through the middle of the tower, collapsing it. The falling stones kill the 4th villager.
  • As Nivara and Marcolo take out the 2 guards, Gartugan joins Estel and Raulwicke to help finish off the orcs.
  • They are left standing around a smoking pile of rubble the was once the Valenae family retreat. And thus the party meets Nivara Valenae.
Back to Balien's Keep
Run from the Wolves

Sini 16, 487

Late afternoon of Sini 16

  • They burn the bodies, which attracts wolves.
  • As the sun begins to set, they decide to make a run for it back to Balian’s Keep.
  • The wolves catch them and nearly make a meal of them.

Evening of Sini 16

  • They make it back to Balian’s Keep to find another baron has arrived bringing news that his keep and village have been overtaken by orcs.
  • The four barons are planning an assault to reclaim his keep.

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